Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Christy Condoleo author of "Tyme's Hope"

Author blogVIEW
With Christy Condoleo
Christy Condoleo is the author of - "Tyme's Hope"
Published by - Eppy's Creations thru
Release Date - 2007
What inspired you to write the book? My sister and my over protective dogs
What is your favorite part of the book? ...a scene I like the most is when Hope finds her brother
Do you have other books you have written? If yes, what are they?
Yes. "Gasgeil's Bravery" published through Xlibris
Is there a particular event that stands out to you that helped you become an author? Childhood; not having anyone around my age to play with
Was there a person in your life who believed in you more than you believed in yourself? If so, who was that person? My mother
What advice would you give to writers wishing to have their works published? Don't give up--always believe in yourself and your characters, editing is never ending and always needs a second (or more) set of eyes, and not everyone will love your story but not everyone will hate it.
Who is your favorite author? Piers Anthony--As a lonely teen, I spent many long and happy hours in his worlds!
What is your favorite quote? I will find a way or I will make my own--I'm not certain who this is from but it is the one I live by.
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